Friday, June 10, 2011

Beach Time!

I love everything about the beach!  The soft white sand, the clear blue water, the bright colors that people decorate themselves with.

Well maybe everything except the creepie crawlies in the water that (I swear) purposely make a bee-line towards you as soon as you step off of dry land. LOL

With that being said... the newest release from ::COOL BEANS:: are the first collection of Bean-kinis!  There are 15 different colors/patterns to choose from. 

You can purchase bean-kinis separately. - $65L each


You can purchase any of the "Buy All 3" packs. - $150L

*Buy All 3 Packs include the following combinations:

        - Buy All 3 Oranges - Stripe Orange, Orange Sunrise, & Hawaiian Orange
        - Buy All 3 Pinks - Stripe Pink, Pink Patches, & Hawaiian Pink
        - Buy All 3 Blues - Stripe Blue, Blue Plaid, & Hawaiian Blue
        - Buy All 3 Greens - Hawaiian Green, Green Plaid, & Green Patches
        - Buy All 3 Beach Fun - Rainbow Splash, Flip Flop, & Beach

Visit ::COOL BEANS:: here.

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